Thursday, April 23, 2009

so smart ...

not only can ella count to 25, but she can go to 10 in spanish (with a little help :) she had her checkup today and she's a whop'n 31 pounds. "a little over" the dr said ... i think that is what i like to call "healthy" ... right?


lately @ night ella and i have been laying in my bed watching noggin before nite nite. tuesday night, ella kept looking right into my eyes, smooshing her face on mine, and giving me kisses. for no reason ... just being sweet. truly sweet. what a special moment ... it is rare to feel purely loved.

@ least you look pretty

ella tends to have a temper ... clearly she is my child. don't you feel like this sometimes? like you just want to run screaming & shove something ... just to get it all out?!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ella was a champ at getting eggs on sunday ... that is until she saw the swing in the backyard! what a fun day we had with the cousins and family ... good food ... good weather ... and good peeps (not the marsh peeps, but rather real peeps :)

ella has been "swimming" in the tub for a while now, but has just realized that she can lay on her back! it is so funny ... she loves it!

big stuff ... ella loves to look in the mirror! she is quite the handful lately ... screaming & all. her dad just bought her a shirt that says "reasons why you might confuse me with a rockstar" ... 2 of them could not be more exact: 1) i can scream really loud 2) no one else can pull of this hairdo.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

ella just turned 2 ... how is it possible? she is so big, so smart, so fun, so beautiful. every day i am amazed that God picked me to be her mommy. how lucky am i? i really try to appreciate the every day with el ... and not worry about what is to be ... every day is so special.

her personality is so energetic ... so independent. it makes her a bit rotten sometimes ... but it is her. and i love it. she snuggled with my dad today on the couch. it was about the most perfect thing i've ever seen. she loves papa.

ella loves her daddy. simply put.
february 4th, 2007. ella james arrived. she was perfect, with bright brown eyes ready to soak in the world. my perfect moment ... when ella was born.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

so ... ella james and her wink. my dad taught her that. pretty funny, right? ella is full of energy and spirit. she is the best thing i could ever ask to see first every morning, and last every night.

it has been an interesting 2 years ... making it through some interesting times. BUT ... it is all for the best. light at the end of the tunnel ... ella and i will be moving at the end of the year. this will be such a big step ... but one i am ready for and proud of. one thing i do not have, but learn every day is PATIENCE. this little girl has grounded me in more ways than you could know. and yet, her independent and wild sides make me so happy ... because it's such a part of me.