Thursday, August 27, 2009

the house

i have not written on the blog for over a month now ... and there is so much to fill in on. the house. we moved in saturday, august 22. what a crazy few days it has been. the moment i think i'm organized and set, i then find myself returning, then buying, boxes and trash everywhere, and no laundry system down yet so clothes are everywhere! ella has a new swing set that i bought from a friend and she loves it. i actually swing with her :) night time is a challenge ... she is learning to adjust to a big girl bed and therefore we play musical beds for about an hour @ night. it is a beautiful little house that i hope will feel like home soon. lots to get used to. i'm super thankful that my parents are close by ... i take much comfort in that. i've been blessed with help from family and friends ... and can't believe it is all finally here. lucky. blessed. happy.

one small note that i'd wanted to post earlier ... i was wonderfully surprised by a visit a few weeks ago by bob and cindy. believe it or not they were my parents neighbors before i was born! years later, they took me in and showed me lots of love and direction by letting me stay with them in connecticut when i was a wandering mess trying to complete school. their visit was short lived, but none the less made me thankful for those in my life that have guided me with grace, respect, and understanding. i truly love that they are a part of my life.

i will post pictures soon ... and, as always, thank you for reading :)